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Committed to providing
high-quality training and
school support to implement
an engaging, effective English curriculum, leading to improved outcomes for pupils

Inspiring Teachers Engaging Learners ~ Promoting Excellence

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English Leadership,
Learning & Teaching, Assessment & Moderation

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Accredited training for effective reading interventions

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English Leadership,
Learning & Teaching, Assessment & Moderation

What schools say...

"I have worked with Susie over many years. When I needed some staff training on key priorities, I asked Susie to support. Her knowledge of current developments were particularly useful, both supporting staff and challenging their thinking. The focus on grammar and whole class guided reading has certainly supported the staff in improving attainment for children. Our KS2 results clearly show the impact of the support."

Bryn Gibson


Harwell Primary School

"Susie is clear, has great subject knowledge and speaks with passion and enthusiasm.

The project gives practical ideas that can be implemented straight away."

Lisa Lowe

Marcham Primary School

"The teachers across the school are now much more confident at teaching reading and lessons observed have been much stronger and really focused on delivering key reading skills.  We feel that the work with Susie has strengthened the teaching of reading across the school."

Lisa Benniston

Hardwick School, Banbury

“The project has introduced lots of new activities and ways of teaching and planning that could be used across the school. Learning journey planning allowed children to become more independent learners and have more enthusiasm for tasks as they could see a reason for each step and how it would impact their final product.  Thank you for putting together such a comprehensive course which had multiple activities which could be used with a variety of children and teachers.”

Nicola Townsend &
Claire Wadsworth

South Stoke Primary School

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