Greater Depth in Writing at KS2

This half-day course has been designed to formulate strategies which will enable teachers to support and challenge Y6 writers, with the focus on securing the greater depth ​standard.

The aim of the course is for teachers to secure an understanding of pupils working at a greater depth in writing, with a focus on strategies to support and challenge​. Whilst the course focuses on the Teacher Assessment Framework for the end of KS2, Year 5 teachers would also benefit from the session so that the approaches towards Greater Depth may be spread across the phase.

Suitable for KS2 teachers and English Subject Leads.

Participants will:

  • consider what makes an effective writer
  • secure an understanding of greater depth at the end of KS2 by clarifying each ‘Pupil can’ statement
  • explore practical approaches, activities and resources to support pupils in developing towards each statement in order to secure this standard.

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