Securing the Foundations for English in Years 1 and 2 - Part 2

Securing the Foundations for English in Years 1 and 2

As pupils move from one year group to another, it is always essential to ensure that the core requirements of previous years’ curriculum content are embedded, in order to build new learning on secure foundations. This year, it is even more crucial to establish and consolidate previous learning, to ascertain pupils’ knowledge and skills and to act swiftly and effectively to address any gaps so that we can then move learning forwards.

This two-part course will provide teachers with an overview of the progression in knowledge and skills in reading and writing on which their year group’s curriculum is built and then the opportunity to consider how gaps in previous learning may be addressed and effective teaching strategies employed to secure the foundations of the curriculum on which new learning can be built.

The course will take the form of a pair of interactive online workshops. You will receive in advance all the handouts and resources for you to fully participate and during the sessions, participation tools will be used such as practical activities, breakout groups for discussion and opportunities for questions throughout.

Participants will: 

  • Understand the curriculum requirements for reading and writing in their own year group, as well as those in the previous year groups and the progression between
  • Consider ways to ascertain pupils’ knowledge and application of the key skills of reading and writing from the previous year
  • Explore effective strategies for addressing gaps to secure essential skills and move learning on

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