Developing children’s routine/non-routine problem-solving skills and reasoning, including use of the bar model to support children with representing their mathematical thinking

Strategies for supporting children with representing their mathematical thinking, including use of a connections mat and the bar model, will be elicited, as the NCETM (2013) stated, “When solving word problems, it is often not the calculation that children can’t do – rather they are not sure which calculation they need to do.”

The session will be targeted at Key Stage 1 and 2 teachers – with links to problem solving in the Early Years.


       To understand problem solving in both routine and non-routine contexts, as well as determining opportunities that will allow them to become embedded in the curriculum.

       To elicit the value of children using a connections mat, plus bar model representations, so they strengthen their capacity to represent and then solve mathematical problems.

Participants are able to register to attend this training through the OTSA website. Further information can be established by e-mailing