Broadening children’s learning related to fractions, decimals and percentages

By being able to support children with visualising and representing fractions, this ‘hands-on’ course will increase participants’ confidence with enabling pupils to develop a deep understanding of whole and part-whole relationships. It will also support teachers with eliciting the full range of learning experiences that will help children to develop a connected understanding of the topic – linking fractions of a shape, quantity and on a number line, plus highlighting how problem solving and mathematical reasoning can be embedded within the teaching of concepts. Strong links will be made to the teaching and learning of decimals and percentages – with a range of practical resources being used to represent different values.


       To recognise the importance of children being able to represent fractions, decimals and percentages in multiple ways, so they can develop fluency/conceptual understanding of the topics.

       To understand the full range of connections, both within and across fractions/decimals/percentages, which pupils can make so they appreciate the interconnectedness of concepts, including whilst problem solving and reasoning. 

Delegates will be able to register to attend this training through the OTSA CPD Programmes and Training page. Further information can be found out by e-mailing