Better Reading Support Partners

Better Reading Support Partners

Better Reading Support Partners provides targeted and effective reading support for pupils in Years 1 to 10.

A specially trained teaching assistant, volunteer or parent gives one-to-one support in structured sessions to pupils who have fallen behind at reading.

Better Reading Support Partners

  • provides targeted use of the Pupil Premium
  • develops phonic and comprehension skills
  • promotes engagement with and enjoyment of reading
  • enables pupils to make rapid progress in reading
  • trains a teaching assistant or volunteer to support reading effectively
  • provides detailed evidence of progress and impact

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How Does it Work?

A trained Better Reading Support Partner provides a 10-week programme of three 15-minute one-to-one sessions per week for pupils who have fallen behind at reading. The Partner uses simple assessments to select three texts for each pupil to read in each session. They provide a relaxed environment that gives pupils the time and space to practise and apply the skills taught by their teachers and to talk about their reading with an interested adult. The Partner is supported by an in-school Link Teacher who manages the partnership.

Impact on Achievement

Over 1,000 pupils in Years 1 to 8 have been supported by BRSP in 160 schools.

  • They made an average Reading Age gain of 12 months in only 3 months – four times the expected progress.
  • They made an average Comprehension Age gain of 10 months.
  • Every pupil showed more interest and confidence in reading in class after BRSP.

“BRSP has given each pupil the help that they need. For example, N has learned to slow down and think about the meaning of what he’s reading while K has stopped sounding every word out and now reads fluently.”

David Weaver, SENCo, Windermere Preparatory School, Cumbria


  • 2 days of training by an accredited ECC Trainer
    • delivering BRSP sessions
    • understanding the reading process
    • talking with children about their reading and learning
    • selecting suitable texts
  • Half a day for the Link Teacher
    • supporting, managing & evaluating BRSP

“BRSP has been a great success in our school. It has been amazing to observe the confidence that children have gained in their reading skills. As a result of the quality training our teaching assistants received we have highly skilled human resources to support our children.”

Janice Owen, Head Teacher, Longlands Primary School, Bexley

Resources and Support

  • Detailed handbook guidance for the BRSP Partner and Link Teacher
  • All training materials

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